Writer’s Guidelines

In an effort to follow the KISS Principal the guidelines are few.

1) All work submitted must be original, with sources appropriately cited.  Thanks to modern technology, we can and will check for plagiarism.  Plagiarism will NOT be tolerated.

2) Please use the APA style of formatting and citation.  It is the standard for the profession, please use it.

3)All Documents must be submitted in pdf formate via a hyperlink supplied by the author(s).  Author(s) are also expected to submit a short,100 word abstract, a list of search words,  and a proposed blog post to accompany the article.  A short biography of the Author is also allowed.

4)  Authors will retain all copyright ownership.  This site: Answering the Call: Ministerial Education,  aka Http://ministryeducationcalling.wordpress.com, has the right to disseminate the information via a live hyperlink location supplied by the Author.  This site is not responsible for uploading or maintaining the document to a server or ensuring the hyperlink provided by the author is live.  The author(s) may at anytime remove the document from the server and inactivate the link. We do request notification of any deactivation of hyperlinks.

5) When works are submitted by Authors, one or more professionals in the field will review the article and determine if the article  is properly formatted,  grammatically correct, and  contributes to the discussion and mission of this site.  If the article passes muster, the author will be contacted, and the blog post added to the site.   If the article does not past muster, a short note of explanation will be sent to the author.  The author may choose to address the issues and re-submit.  Due to time limitations, an author may resubmit an article a total of 2 times.   We highly encourage all author’s to have their documents reviewed and proofread before submission.

6) We offer no monetary compensation for publication.  We aren’t making any money off of this site.  We don’t have any money to offer. Your compensation is being published in a professionally reviewed blog.


If you have any questions, please contact me at sideseat at yahoo . com.

Dr. Mel



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