Characteristics of a Sucessful Leader

Duke Divinity’s Faith and Leadership publication offereda very interesting article, “Forget the resume”, on the characteristics of a successful theological school president.   Based upon a study by Wheeler,  Lewis, Miller,  Ruger, and Tiede (2010), ” Forget the resume” lists the  character traits of personal strength, humility, interpersonal skills, and discipline,  as key to the success of a theological president.  Likewise, the article lists five key practices, team building,  faculty (staff) relations, financial management, institutional advancement,  and vision, which enable successful presidents to fulfill their mission.   The study also found that these traits and practices were better indicators  of a good candidate for the presidential position  than achievements listed on resumes.  Prior experience s as a leader, success as a writer, competence as a theologian or the demonstrated ability to raise money were not indicators of success, instead it was the veritable intangibles which proved to be the predictor of success.

In this day and age of a challenging economy and social insecurity, perhaps we in the world of preparing people for ministry (be it lay or ordained) should take a page out of the playbook offered in the article, especially since all of these traits and practices are desirable traits in any non-profit leader.

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~ by sideseat on January 5, 2011.

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