A Call to address AIDS/HIV in United Methodist Seminaries

A Call to United Methodist Seminaries | The General Board of Church and Society.

It seems my last post was an appropriate precursor to this one.   The UMC Board of Church and Society is calling upon the UMC related seminaries to make an intentional effort to address AIDS/HIV in their schools and curriculum.

About time.

Imagine what kind of changes we could see in our denomination if every new clergy person is as prepared to discuss the role of AIDS/HIV within the church, as she is the role of money, death, or marriage.

The question is, how will the seminaries address the issue when they have difficulty discussing related topics such as sex, sexual orientation, and the health of an individual?   We have difficulty discussing these topics amongst ourselves.  How can we expect our seminary graduates to discuss it unless we become more comfortable with the issues.

Perhaps what is needed is a series of continuing education courses for the rest of us to learn more about the subject.

What say you?  Any interest?

Dr. Mel


~ by sideseat on December 9, 2010.

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