Moving beyond fear to love | The General Board of Church and Society

Moving beyond fear to love | The General Board of Church and Society.

When I read this little sermon, my first reations was, “Amen, sister, preach it!”

Then I started thinking.

Way back in the late 80’s when I was in High School, if you’d asked me if in the year 2010  I thought we’d still be dealing with the issue of AIDS/HIV and its social, political, and theological implications, I would have laughed at you.   Granted, I was somewhat of an idealistic teenager, but I really had faith that in the intervening years we would have a) found a cure, b) separated the reality of the disease from the myths of social stigma, and c) stopped victimizing the victims of the disease.

Guess I was wrong.

We, as Christians, as leaders, and theologians have a calling to speak to those who are oppressed and being oppressed.  Illness is not a reason for abuse.  Sexual orientation is not a reason for illness.  All life is special, and we are called to seek, serve and love the least of these.  WE are called to hold the powerful accountable for their actions.  We are called to speak for the voiceless.   We are called to face our fears and engage in a conversation that makes us uncomfortable.

It’s past time, people.  Enough already.

ACT up!

Dr. Mel


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