Joint effort to confront domestic violence | The General Board of Church and Society

I recently read in the General Board of Church and Society newsletter about a Joint effort to confront domestic violence on the part of the United Methodist Woman (UMW) and the United Methodist Men (UMM).  My first thought was, “Thank God.”

It is way past time to address this issue within our denomination.  A conversations I had this past Sunday with one of the young women who recently started attending our church reiterated this point.  As she and I watched our young children play in the church playground, she causally mentioned that her soon to be ex-husband abused her.  When telling the story of a fire in our community she said, “I heard a commotion outside and checked to make sure it wasn’t my ex” she said.  She spoke with the voice of a woman who was not ashamed of her situation (thank God), but I could tell there was still fresh pain, disappointment, fear and anger in her voice.  She considered herself blessed that she had several good friends, both male and female, who were willing to help her in her struggle with her ex, but she still lived in fear.  I mentally cringed in empathy when she told her story. I find it frustrating that yet another person had to go through an abusive situation.  Perhaps by bringing the conversation of abuse into the church in a more forthright manner our community may be able to start to make a real difference in domestic abuse.

And who knows, maybe the UMW and the UMM will find they have more in common and start working on other issues together, like poverty and gender equality.

Dr. Mel

~ by sideseat on April 20, 2010.

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