Where is the Christian in a world full of winners and losers?

I have several cynical friends who will tell me that the world is made up of two kinds of people: winners and loosers.  These friends are convinced that the only way to survive or thrive in this world is to become a winner.  Though they may not say it in so may words, the impression the leave me with is that winning is worth most any price;  loosing is not a tenable position.

The Christian understanding of interrelations with others in not so much about winning and loosing, but loving, caring, protecting, and uplifting one another. All of these are underscored by a sense o holding one another accountable. When I explain this position to my youth group members, I usually use the terms victims, bullies and advocates.  The first two terms are fairly self evident, but I make a point of defining them.  Bullies are individuals who hurt, mistreat, abuse and malign others in order for the bully to feel better about him/herself or control others. Victims are those who are hurt, mistreated, abused and maligned and leave the experience feeling powerless, out of control, and /or controlled by others.   The third term, advocate, also needs to be defined.  Advocates are those who empower, encourage, protect, and defend others and themselves.  Each individual’s actions and attitudes define which kind of person he/she is.  I also explain that an individual, a group, a community, an economic class, or even a nation can be a bully, victim or advocate.

Since Christians are called to be Christ-like,  we are called to be advocates.  Christ is the ultimate advocate. Christ defended the weak, cared for the sick, fed the hungry, and called to account the powerful for their misdeeds and mistreatment of the powerless.   Like Christ, we are called to empower the week, be present to the lonely, protect the victim, and hold the bullies of the playground or the world accountable for their actions.

You see, it’s not about winning or loosing, it really is about how you play the game.  Me, I’m an advocate.

What are you?

~ by sideseat on January 17, 2010.

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