transposed and transformed

My friend, Mary Jo Cartledgehays, recently posted a short story she wrote 25 years ago for Daughters of Sarah.  The story offers a vision of what the birth of the Christ child might have been like if Mary’s child was a girl. By transposing one element in the story, Mary Jo transformed the entire story. Given the recent death of Mary Daly, perhaps it is fitting to take the time to consider  what other elements in our faith journey would be radically transformed if one assumption was transposed.  What if the language of condemnation was removed from our lexicon?  What if we imagined the crucified Christ not as a man but as a child? What if we really embraced the idea that faith is bigger than our imagination? What if we lived within our means? What if we really embodied Christ’s presence in the world?What if we had faith that grows like a the mustard tree?

As we enter the year 2010, perhaps we should be pursuing the one change which we can make which will indeed transform our lives.


~ by sideseat on January 8, 2010.

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